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Our Solution 

Our Solution:

Causing A Stir’s very own Hospitality Professional Incubator!

There are currently 588,700 Restaurants in Illinois that make up 10% of employment in the state. By 2029 that number is expected to grow by 7%. This progress in the restaurant industry means that owners and managers will feel the pressure to put culture first and offer their hard workers benefits, a stable environment, and opportunities for growth. CAS will provide a stable pipeline of qualified hospitality professionals.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we align resources received from partners, donors, and sponsors with an eye toward value creation. Our currency is opportunity. We will provide our members with the education, resources, and guidance necessary to succeed in the hospitality industry. We will teach excellence. We will expect excellent. We will ensure every program graduate is adequately equipped to Cause A Stir, with a smile.

Our Hospitality Professional Incubator will include:


Through apprenticeship and training programs, career events, partnerships with academia and nonprofits, members will have an opportunity to smoothly transition into the field of hospitality. There are entire communities of leaders, parents, and students who are thirsting for education and a fair shot at entering the hospitality industry. Creating pathways to success pairs perfectly with CAS’s mission to empower underserved individuals and communities. Creating resources of cultural expression, in partnerships with local accelerators and incubators, will provide an unrivaled training and education experience that will populate our pipeline and allow our members to thrive.


Many of the communities we deem as underserved and underrepresented have been labeled as Opportunity Zones. We will create jobs in those neighborhoods, lessening the plight of those community members. CAS will promote investment, education, networking, and cultural support into businesses that can drive local sustainable development and job opportunities for our members.


The secret to change is to not focus all your energy on fighting the old, but to channel that energy into building the new. CAS continues to lean-in on sourcing and facilitating green and sustainable establishments and organizations aiming to improve entrepreneurs’ access to opportunities. We will continue coordinating dinner series designed to discuss cultural challenges and eco-friendly solutions within the broader hospitality community. Our foremost mission is to create value for the communities we serve. We will provide professional development trainings and classes, job placement programs, and curated content and initiatives rooted in the hospitality industry for underrepresented individuals residing in underserved communities.